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May 29 2017


Eliminating Bedbugs Before They Have a Chance to Flourish

Bunches of 10 to 30 bedbug eggs can be found in mattress seams, bed slats and pillows especially in seams, pleats, and pockets. The eggs hatch approximately after 10 days. After hatching, the bug has 5 larval stages. The five larval stages require a large amount of blood in order to survive. Larvae can absorb twice their blood weight. They are able to do without food for about three months and the adults even longer. Temperature plays an important role in their development. If the ambient temperature does not drop below 13 to 15°C (55 to 59°F), development is continuous. If it's cold, growth stops and the bed bug hibernates. This is the perfect time to kill bed bugs using the bed bug bully.

Bed bug bites

A bedbug’s bite is often painless but it leaves red marks on the skin like a mosquito bite. Sometimes they can cause itching that may disrupt sleep habits. There are usually three to four bites in a straight line or grouped in the same place on the skin. Pitting is most often on the exposed parts of the arms, legs, and back. However, the reaction depends on the sensitivity of the individual. For some, the bites disappear after a few hours or even days without treatment. Others do not even know that they have been bitten and will not see any bites before a few months of infestation. But for others, it is an immediate and localized allergic reaction, a kind of itchy area that is bright red in color may also be very painful. They should not be scratched without risk of serious infections or other diseases. To learn more, read our bed bug bully review.

bed bugs

Possibility of allergic reactions

In the case of a massive allergic reaction, it is advisable to consult a doctor to calm the allergy but also to avoid a great trauma and a psychological distress of long duration due to these repeated bites. Small, but with an ogre appetite, in one night a bedbug can sting people more than 90 times. The bug pinpoints its victim partly by the heat it releases. This bug does not only parasitize humans but also birds and mammals. These bugs are likely to transmit diseases but scientists have no certainty about it. To date, these insects do not seem to be the vectors of known diseases. However, leave nothing to chance; if you see a bed beg, even one or two, you can expect there are several more in your home. Visit BuyBedBugBully.com for more information.
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